The Company

About Teletronics

We have been building innovative software, enabling our customers to maximize their potential since 2007

At Teletronics we have always had an agile and customer centric mindset.

We strive to exceed all expectations by always going above and beyond in our quality of work. Our workforce is comprised of a wide variety of highly skilled professionals. 

Free from organisational boundaries and job titles, we encourage all our team to be expert developers, meticulous testers, scrupulous product owners, savvy IT experts, and confident marketers of our brand and products.

We bridge many different cultures and nationalities, and this is something that adds to our strengths and abilities in being agile and adaptable in our environment.

As a diverse company with employees from all different nationalities, our people centred organisation has grown organically, adding only the right people to the right projects, as our clients’ needs grow.

At Teletronics career growth is fostered and developed in the workplace.

We believe this keeps for a happy work environment, but it promotes longevity within the organization and a greater feeling of commitment to the job.

We Foster

  • Development through exciting and innovative assignments
  • Learning opportunities through elective conference attendance
  • The newest technical devices at your fingertips to explore and test new areas of opportunity
  • The ability to choose the teams you wish to work on and the projects and tasks that interest you, which enables our employees to promote creative solutions

We also believe it’s important to get to know our colleagues, and their families. We consider ourselves a tribe, which come together not only at the office but outside as well.

Given that much of our community is comprised of expatriates living away from their home countries, we believe it is important to develop our relationships as well as our work skills and capabilities. Due to this being a main priority we offer activities outside the office on a reoccurring basis ranging from fitness classes, flexitime, catered lunches and social activities in and outside of work.

Torben K. Hansen

Torben K. Hansen

Managing Director

For the past 10 years Torben has been responsible for company development, team growth, financial outcomes and future projections of the company. He has helped guide Teletronics from a small initiative of a few key people into a regional government and organizational support system.

Andrew Schumer

Andrew Schumer


Has spent the last few years taking government companies and entities public, bringing the sales pipeline into focus, working with all parts of the organization to productize our offerings and enable a sustainable and exciting business.

Rasmus Runberg

Rasmus Runberg


As an Agile IT Project Manager, specializing in backlog management, roadmap development and Agile methods for software development, he is always determined to keep a very lean team organization and development approach, focusing on value and transparency, while making sure the client and users are fully onboard.

Jacob Koch

Jacob Koch

Systems Engineer & Product Owner

As an end results champion, with the ability to handle complex tasks and keeping focus on the true essence of a product, Jacob pushes his team to always delivery above client expectations. With a curious, and honest mindset he continues to challenge the status-quo at Teletronics and makes substantial impacts at an organisational level.

Randi Esmann

Randi Esmann

Finance Manager

Responsible for the overall management, motivation, coaching and development of Teletronics. Randi is able to always advise and provide guidance for the many clients and employees of the company. Accountable for all financial engagement in forecasting, business plans and strategy, Randi ensure the clients are always kept at the forefront of business development and growth.