Big Data<BR>and Analytics


Big Data

and Analytics

Through years of solving complex issues for local government agencies, we developed valuable skills, competencies and a platform to support our efforts in making sense of big data.

Custom Solutions

Data Processing

Handle large complex datasets including data preparation, storage and management.

Data Retention

Collect, store, normalize, merge, update, index and search data from any source.

Business Intelligence

Add BI tools to report on historic, current and future events.


Our solutions are based on an in-house developed platform

A large-scale data retention system capable of ingesting billions of records on a daily basis in near-real time. It is a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for storing and indexing event data.

Phoenix is based on a custom Apache Solr - a fast and flexible NoSQL database, that makes it easy and efficient to retrieve data needed for presentation, reporting or business intelligence. Being a scalable, fault tolerant and highly available system, Phoenix is an efficient platform for tackling trillions of records using commodity hardware.

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