Mobile Interaction


Mobile Interaction

Based on a solid technical foundation and solid market insights we have spent around two years exploring and building the platform for future mobile interactions.

Custom Services

Seamless & Direct Interaction

Connect with government entities and private businesses. Powered by chatbot AI, chat interface for all interactions, and deep integration of 3rd party services.

Instant Payments

Get services, products and peer-to-peer transfers with fiat- and crypto-currencies. Powered by Blockchain and based upon the Ethereum Blockchain.

Nationwide ID Management

Enable residents, businesses and government entities to exchange, authorize, validate and approve sensitive documents. Powered by a secure permissioned Blockchain based on Hyper Ledger Blockchain framework.

Business Collaboration

Do cross organizational collaboration between government entities. Powered by secure file exchange and storage, task management, and live activity feed.


All services are enabled by Hadeel



One secure mobile environment to gather all digital interaction within the UAE. A platform that will not only enable people to securely and easily communicate in their daily lives, but an ecosystem of integrated services preferred by citizens, businesses and governments.

Cyber Security

Big Data & Analytics

Data Science & AI